Hiking For Weight Loss – Tips And Benefits

by Crazy Hiker
Hiking For Weight Loss - Tips And Benefits. Two girls hiking in mountains.
Hiking for weight loss

Everybody is confused about what strategies are helpful in reducing weight in a shorter amount of time. Hiking benefits have changed the lives of people of various ages. Here are some helpful tips to enjoy hiking for weight loss.

Most people are overweight and struggle every day to lose weight. You could have seen your neighbor doing various exercises to lose weight.

There are thousands of workout guides available online to achieve attractive and good body posture.

Hiking For Weight Loss

A girl group in mountains Hiking for weight loss.

People want to be seen as slim and attractive. Hiking for weight loss is the best choice along with improved overall health. It helps you to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy the fresh air. 

You can discover different trails and routes instead of repeated daily exercises. Hiking is a kind of fantastic cardio workout. Outdoor activities like hiking and mountaineering can be ideal strategies for physical fitness and weight reduction.

Hiking benefits are depicted from the proven experiences of hikers around the world. 

Hiking – An overall Body Workout

A girl is measuring the waist with inch tape for hiking for weight loss.

This outdoor adventure involves the whole body but most of the motion occurs down the waist. The movement of the legs and swinging of arms requires energy which makes you breathe faster. It fulfills the need for a cardio workout.

You can take a break for 5 minutes during the hike to do some pushups. It will help you to burn more calories and turn up your hiking into a full-body workout.

There are lots of health benefits of hiking along with weight loss. Hiking releases adrenaline which results in reducing stress and anxiety.

Burns More Calories

A man hiking alone in mountains

It’s a proven fact that more calories are burned on a hike as compared to a regular walk. Adventure travel is fun and an opportunity to live and experience the beauty of nature.

While hiking, you came across different types of unexpected trails. Sometimes you need to climb elevated mountains or cross the rivers and waterfalls, dense forest areas, sloppy tracks, etc.

Go For Power Hikes

A male hiker is running in mountains for power hike.

There is no doubt that hiking for weight loss is amazing and fun. The hikes can be of various types depending on the types of trails. To get better results you can challenge yourself by going on difficult trails while hiking.

Choose uneven terrains, rocky and hilly areas nearby. But keep in mind your age and fitness level and do not go beyond it.

After some regular hiking, you will be stronger enough to go for more difficult hikes. It would help you to burn more calories. 

Low-Intensity Workout

A male hiker running in mountains. Hiking for weight loss tips.

Hiking is a low-intensity workout and burns the fat effectively. It is considered that a low-intensity workout burns more calories as compared to any other way. Although in high-intensity workouts overall calories are burned.

Hiking for weight loss is great exercise and enjoyable too. Low-intensity workouts burn a greater proportion of calories from fat compared to any other source. However, high intensity means burning more calories overall

Go For More Hikes

Girl hiker in mountains

Hiking refreshes your mind and soul. Increase your hikes to get better shape in lesser time.

You need to push yourself in starting but once you become a regular hiker, you will be able to achieve more difficult hikes.

It improves your mental health and makes you happier.

Benefits Of Hiking For Weight Loss

Benefits of Hiking For Weight Loss for Two hiking people on the trails.

Enjoy and Explore

The world is full of beautiful places and hiking is an opportunity to explore it. Along with various health benefits, it is a great way to enjoy and stay stress-free. Hiking decreases negative thoughts.

Reduces Risk Of Diseases

The process of hiking works on the whole body and reduces the risk of diseases. Hiking improves cardiovascular fitness and respiratory health and reduces the risk of a heart attack. 

Improves Wellbeing

You could have heard the saying “Health is wealth”. If you are healthy then you can enjoy your life greatly. Walking in the woods, climbing the mountains, crossing the rocky trails, etc. are helpful to improve your mental, physical and emotional health. 

According to the researchers at Stanford University – Spending 90 mins of quality time in woods and outdoor activities reduces stress, decreases anxiety, reduces mental disorders, and leads to a lower risk of depression.

Heals Mentally and Physically

There are various effects of hiking on our bodies and soul. It makes the individual happier and stress-free. The encounter with nature is helpful in relieving stress.

Increases Creativity

Beautiful nature is a great way to relax our minds and soul. It gives an individual a positive perception and makes them creative. 


Hiking is a free, beneficial, and best way to shape your body. Hitting on trails not only helps to lose weight but keeps you healthy. Explore the trails in nearby areas and enjoy the outdoor adventure.

Hiking on the trails rarely will not help much. Go for regular hikes with friends and family in order to improve your health and live a stress-free life. So pick up your necessary gears and get ready for a hike. 

We advise you to exercise within limits, don’t push yourself too hard. Pushing yourself too hard will lead to injuries. Before going to any trail check the level of difficulty you would be going to face. Always bring the necessary gear for hiking.

Keep hiking and exploring..!!

FAQ About Hiking For Weight Loss By People

Is hiking a good way to lose weight?

Hiking is a good way to reduce the significant number of calories. It fulfills the need for a cardio workout. The outdoor activity keeps you physically active while enjoying the beauty of nature. Along with weight loss, it improves the mental, physical, and wellbeing of an individual.

Can hiking burn belly fat?

The outdoor activity involves the movement of the whole body. After hitting some trails there can be a significant reduction in belly fat. It works very well on deep core muscles, the back, and the outer thighs.

How much do I need to hike to lose weight?

It differs from person to person. Experts suggest hiking 2-3 times a week is good to reduce weight and improve physical fitness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person with 154 lbs hiking for an hour will approximately burn 370 calories.

Why does hiking burn so many calories?

Hiking is a fun and health improvement activity. It is a type of cardiac workout which involves your core muscles. The paved paths, uneven terrains, jungles with muddy areas, and mountains make it possible to lose weight while hiking.

Why do hikers get fat?

It is seen that sometimes, there is tremendous weight gain in hikers. The reason behind this is the intake of water in more quantity, and the fat of the body is converted into muscle mass. Hikers carry calorie food on hikes, which increases the fat in the body. After the hikes, the people continue the regular routine, and fat gets accumulated in the body.

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