10 Best Kids Hiking Boots – Waterproof & Lightweight

by Crazy Hiker
Kids hiking boots by hikingpirates

Hiking is a very good exercise for everyone.  If you go for a hike together with kids, backpacking requires more time. For kids, there are various hiking boots available. But to choose the best kids hiking boots takes time.

We have made your task easier by making a list of the best hiking boots for kids.

These boots are reliable, high-performance, and safe for all activities. The boots are suitable for outdoor adventure and travel in all seasons.

How Do I Choose A Hiking Boot?

How Do I Choose A Hiking Boot?

Perfect hiking boots help to enjoy the hikes with greater comfort. Choosing suitable hiking boots depends on various factors and the purpose of the boots. Here are the main features that hikers should remember while choosing hiking boots:
Material of Boots: Generally they are made of synthetic or leather material or a combination of both. Leather boots have a longer life with breathable features. While synthetic boots are lightweight and affordable, but not good in the long run.
Wearing Comfort: Boots should be always an ideal fit with a comfortable feel. you plan to wear while hiking.
All Terrain Boots: Choose the boots which are suitable for the trails you go mostly for the hikes.
Waterproof Boots: These types of boots are helpful in the rainy season and in areas with water.

Choosing The Right Hiking Boots For Kids

The durable and comfortable boots make outdoor adventures enjoyable. Materials used to make the hiking boots are synthetic, leather, or rubber. All three materials have their own qualities. You can choose boots according to your need and purpose.

Leather Hiking Boots – The leather shoes have more strength and durability as compared to any other material.

Synthetic Hiking Boots –  The synthetic shoes are waterproof as well as comfortable. But as compared to leather boots they are not much tough. 

Rubber Hiking Boots – When it comes to rubber shoes, they are the most waterproof of all three materials, even though their breathability leaves a lot to be desired.

1. Timberland WaterProof Hiking Boots

Timberland kids hiking boots
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The Timberland® Kids Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof have boots are made with a waterproof finish. The upper part is made of premium full-grain leather which provides durability.

They have hard rubber soles which provide great support at most of the trails. 

These boots are good for running on rocky trails and have lace-up closure.

The hiking shoes have anti-fatigue comfort technology to provide great support and comfort to the kids.

Special Features

  • Shoes are manufactured with Anti-fatigue comfort technology. 
  • Green rubber outsole delivers improved traction with B.S.F.P.™ Motion Efficiency System features
  • Imported
  • Long-wearing performance

Available Sizes

Toddler (1-4 Years) 
Little Kid (4-8 Years)
Big Kid (8-12 Years)

2. Littleplum Kid Snow Boots

Littleplum kids hiking boots
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The cashmere style shoes are comfortable for kids for any season and adventure.  These waterproof hiking boots for kids provide a warming effect on the feet.

The Kid snow boots are made with PU leather and a waterproof upper.

These are suitable shoes to protect their feet from getting wet while hiking and trekking through snow.

The anti-slip steel buckle is designed to make it an ideal choice for snow walking, outdoor boys hiking, trekking, and mountaineering.

Special Features

  • Skin-friendly Non-slip steel buckle.
  • Great support for ankles when hiking. 
  • Ideal for all outdoor adventures.

Available in various sizes and colors.

3. Wetike Kids Hiking/Snow Boots

Wetike kids hiking boots
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The Wetike kids hiking boots are fabricated with leather and rubber sole.

It has a non-slip steel buckle design at the bottom with deep flex grooves for greater traction.

It provides good wear resistance. The boys’ snow hiking shoes are excellent with skin-friendly warm plush lining.

These boots are ideal to travel and enjoy in places with snowfall.

Special Features

  • Imported
  • The Leather and Rubber sole provides excellent performance.
  • Protects kids toes from injuries while performing outdoor activities.

Available in various sizes and colors.

4. Drew Hiker Boot by Deer Stags

Drewhiker kids hiking boots
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When going for outdoor adventures kids should have good quality shoes to enjoy hiking.

The upper is made with synthetic leather and supported by the rubber sole.

The shoes have a corded lace closure system which provides an easy and great fit.

Special Features

  • Made in USA
  • Synthetic sole to make it comfortable to wear
  • The mesh lining keeps it cool and dry

Available in various sizes and colors.

5. Northside Cheyenne JR Hiking Boots

Northside kids hiking boots
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The lightweight shoes are a good fit for kids to enjoy hiking in hot weather.

The leather and textile upper make it breathable while exploring the trails.

They provide great comfort in rocky, snow, or wet areas. It looks fashionable along with quality service.

Special Features

  • Looks stylish and fashionable
  • The Leather and Rubber sole provides excellent performance
  • Protects kids toes from injuries while performing outdoor activities.

Available in various sizes and colors.

6. Mishansha Boys Girls Water Resistant Hiking Boots

Mishansha kids hiking boots
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The Mishansha hiking boots are of good quality and ideal for both boys and girls. The upper part is made of environment-friendly and easy to clean artificial leather.

It makes it lightweight and comfortable for kids to enjoy outdoor adventures. The boots are suitable for hiking, trekking, climbing, walking, and other outdoor plays.

These are water-resistant hiking shoes with an anti-slip pattern design engraved on the durable rubber sole, which provides friction and reduces the risk of kids falling while playing outside.

Special Features

  • Ideal for hiking, trekking and climbing
  • Helpful in wet areas, with water resistant properties
  • Made of environment friendly material

Available in various sizes and colors.

7. Brooman Kids Hiking Boots

Brooman kids hiking boots
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The outdoor adventure shoes are made of synthetic leather which is comfortable and provides a stylish look.

The boots have a hook and loop closure to provide a secure and easy way to pull on and off. They are available for both girls and boys with cool and stylish color options.

The dual-color and non-slip rubber soles make it safer for kids to enjoy outdoor adventure. It keeps your outdoor fun alive.

Special Features

  • Comfortable and stylish for kids
  • Provided with padded collar
  • Made of breathable mesh and synthetic leather

Available in various sizes and colors.

8. VITUOFLY Adventure Trekking Boots

Vitoufly kids hiking boots
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The outdoor adventure hiking boots are comfortable for any activity. 

The boots are made with thick and firm rubber extension which protects your toes from injury. 

The shoes are breathable and easy to clean. These boots are great for all different types of climates and weather conditions. 

The kid’s outdoor boots are provided with two style linings. The hook and loop are available to put on and take off easily and quickly.

Special Features

  • Two style linings
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Extra protection for toes

Available in various sizes and colors.

9. TZJS Kids’ Hiking Boots for Boys and Girls

TZJS kids hiking boots
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The classic style and waterproof ankle boots are ideal for hiking and outdoor travel. It is made of flexible artificial leather to feature its stylish bright color and look.

The ergonomic design of the boots ensures wearing comfort. The non-slip sole is durable and features great abrasive resistance, slip resistance, and grip to effectively cushion the walking pressure.

Special Features

  • Non slip sole
  • Great abrasion performance
  • Waterproof hiking boots

Available in various sizes and colors.

10. Merrell Kids Hiking Boots

Merrell kids hiking boots
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These hiking boots are durable and stylish. It is available for kids between 4 to 12 years of age. There is a hook and loop strap to make an easy and secure fit for kids.

The outdoor boots are ideal for long hikes in dense areas and even on rainy days. These shoes are a great fit for outside climbing trees, splashing in puddles, playing in the sand, etc.

The shoes are available in cool and stylish colors which are liked by kids.

Special Features

  • Looks stylish
  • Ideal for rainy day hikes
  • Made with durable material

Available in various sizes and colors.


Hope the above article about the kids hiking boots will help you with your next purchase. Get the best hiking boots for your kids.

As kids are always eager for adventures, we need to take care of their feet. Good shoes help to cross rocky areas, mountains, woods, and snow more easily.

Best hiking shoes are key to avoiding blisters. Just keep in mind the Kids’ hiking shoes should be flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. Just keep in mind the Kids’ hiking shoes should be flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.

We love to share the essential information about hiking and adventure travel. Keep visiting and sharing the information with your friends.

Enjoy hiking and outdoor adventures.

FAQ About Kids Hiking Boots

What kind of shoes are best for hiking?

Day hiking boots: The boots with mid or high-cut models are a great fit. Mid boots provide additional skin protection. They are good to carry a light load, for short backpacking trips and hikes.

For long hikes and trips, backpackers consider light hiking shoes. If you go hiking on rocky territory, glacier trails, and snowy paths, you need mountaineering boots.

Are hiking boots really necessary?

The boots or shoes are not much necessary on easy and short hikes. But it becomes important to carry hiking boots on difficult trails and longer hikes. Some people even go barefoot for hiking.

Good padding and protection are required for the foot to avoid any injuries during the activity. You can choose any other type of trail running shoes.

We recommend you choose good hiking boots or shoes to keep yourself safe from any accidents. There is nothing like necessary, every individual has their own preference for hiking gears.

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